Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gobble Gobble *UPDATE*

 Okay, so Thanksgiving was this past Thursday! Hope everyone had a great food fest. Mine was, well, crowded.
 Some of my family, my aunt, uncle, and four cousins, have for the past couple years gone to Maryland to visit family. This year, however, they stayed. And not only did they stay, but so did my uncle's sister, brother-in-law, and their two kids.
 To give you an idea of how crowded it was, imagine this: Three younger kids sitting with two older kids in the kitchen. Then, a grandfather, a great-aunt, an aunt, an uncle, the uncle's sister and her husband, me, my sister, her boyfriend, my mom, and one younger kid in the dining room. That was how my Thanksgiving was spent. But the food was good and the people were funny, so in my book, that made up for the lack of space.
 Also, this year, before heading down to see the family, Siobhan, my sister, and her boyfriend ran the 4.7 (I think) mile Manchester Race. A.K.A., The Turkey Day Race. We are all very proud of the two of them who have been training since August. (I ran three miles with the sis at one point!)
 Sorry if this post is not so full of hilarity as the others. I feel like it is more informative than funny, but I'm trying. And we all know it's the thought that counts. At least most of the time it is.
 So yesterday, mi madre, Grandpa, my aunt, my uncle, and the four younger childrens and I went and bought their (the aunt/uncle/cousin's) Christmas tree. It is now standing proudly in the living room with pretty lights and not-so-spread-out ornaments.
 I must go now, the fam (cousins and aunt) and I are heading off to see Tangled!

 P.S. I will update the post later to tell if the movie is good. (I will try not to give anything away!!!)

 Buh-Bye! :)

*UPDATE* Okay, so Tangled, was pretty awesome. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. Twice.
 It was really good! Of course, you should know that I have turned into my mother and am a total sap when it comes to movies, so that may change your veiws, but still, it was rrrreeeeaaallllyyyy good.

 Okay, bye for reals, now.

 Buh-Bye! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Many Things To Talk Of *UPDATED* **UPDATED**

 AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! I'm am sorry to those of you who actually check out my blog every Sunday! (Sarah) Ummm.... sooooo.... I actually have no excuse for you this time except for, "I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!" Yeah. That's pretty much my excuse...
 Right at this moment, other than writing this post which I'm am pretty sure is destined to suck, I am waiting for my tea. And my dad. So I can go to my wonderful aunt's house and see my wonderful cousins.
 Also, I know that I am once again a day early with the post, but I am also two weeks late, soooo......
 How are you guys? Because over the last two weeks, the only really thing worth talking about for me was the wonderful youth group I attended with two of my very few (five) followers of the blog. Thanks cassie5 and thescottishpoodle for such a great time! Oh, and issues in the "boyfriend" department. But seeing as how he occasionally reads the blog, I will not get too deep into that.

 P.S. The kettle went off. :)

 Anyway, feel free to comment as much as you want on this one seeing as how I neglected you guys. I feel really bad about it, and I would like to once again thank thescottishpoodle for reminding me that my blog actually exists, and that it is not just something that I dreamed up and thought, "Hey! That would be something really cool to do! Especially with all of the spare time I have in my 'life'!" but then never revisited the thought of making it happen.
 Okay, so Youth Group... It was really fun! I got to hang out with fun people, and watch funny videos, and the whole experience was a whole bucket of fun! (No, I am NOT being sarcastic!) I had loads of fun and I got to hang out with an old friend who I no longer see because she is home schooled....
 Oh! Another worthwhile topic! Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books (masterpieces) or has seen the movies, first of all, I salute you. Second of all, please, please, please post a comment of which was your favorite and why. (If you have seen and read them, please comment about which book and which movie if they don't correspond) Third of all, I had very much fun in the very early morning of Friday, November 19! Do you wanna know why? Of course you do! I woke up at 11:20 pm, got dressed, and went with my dad and sister to the rave motion pictures in Manchester, CT to see the 12:45 am showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazingly fantastic! Not only did I get to see it, but we were the only ones who stayed to watch the credits, and because they turned the lights on in the middle of them, we got THREE FREE TICKETS to go back and see the movie AGAIN! Now I don't mean to brag, but how AMAZING is that?!?!

Okay, I just thought of something COMPLETELY off topic, but I am going to give you guys two links to two of my most favoritest blogs in the world. (And yes, I know that is not proper English, but who cares? I mean, it's a blog!) #1. Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half:
#2. Jen and John's Cake Wrecks:

WOOO! I hope you guys check them out and think they are as funny and awesome as I do.

Okay, so as I mentioned earlier, I thought this post was destined to suck, and so far, I think myself to be correct. So I will hopefully remember to post next week and hope to see you guys then! (Also, please comment on what you think of the two sites!)
 BYE!!!! <3

P.S. I am now drinking my tea. :) Now I just have to wait for my dad...

*UPDATE*  Another blog to check out... Taylor H's:
Check her out if you are a gLeek or Potter fanatic like yours truly!

**UPDATE** Hey! So you know how I was like I wanted to see my wonderful aunt/cousins? Yeah... That didn't happen. I ended up going to the mall and then saw Morning Glory, which was surprisingly good. But that is just my opinion, and I, as a sucker for romantic comedies, may be slightly biased... See you next week! Hopefully...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm LATE! I'm LATE for a very important date!

 Hey guys!!! Sorry, I know I'm a few days overdue. But I have a good reason: I had almost absolutely no time. Almost.
 For those of you who understood the reference made in the title of todays post, let this be foreshadowing of the story to be told.
 This year for Halloween, I was Alice Kingsley, from Alice in Wonderland. I was unable to post this past Sunday because I was in New York City! (And had no computer within my grasp) As you may have guessed, NY, not the best place to collect candy. Although, some was gathered: a mini hershey bar from Magnolia Bakery, A lollipop from Sephora (which will be later mentioned), and two pieces of candy from none other than Fiyero, from the cast of Wicked, who has also signed my Play Bill after seeing the magnificent production of this wonderful story on Broadway.  ARGHGHHGHGHGH!!!!!!! It was super-fun-omigod-amazing-fantastic! (I think I covered everything there)
 Anywho, let me get you up-to-date on the Sephora incident. Mi madre and I were walking around Times Square and decided to go inside. I wanted to look at make-up, so Sephora was the obvious choice. As we walked around, tried on nail polish, (my favorite was "Teal we meet again") A woman, someone who worked there, came up and asked me what I was. Yes. I was searing my costume ALL DAY.
 My mom and I told her I was Alice in Wonderland. She asked, " Is that the one with the fairy god mother?" We say no. Mom says, " You know, 'down the rabbit hole'?" She says, "Oh, wait! You mean the one with the big house?" We wait as she finally explains her reasoning. She had been talking about the seen when Alice eats the cake and grows inside of the house. We answered, "Yes! Her!" She tells us to hold still and that she wound be right back. We wait.
 She comes back a minute later with a bucket full of lollipops and says I can take one for explaining who I was to her. I chose one and then she left.
 Later, after looking around for a while, we start to leave, we see her again and she says to us as we reach to door, "Bye Alison!"
 We believe her to be a slightly confused person.
 See you guys next week! (And hopefully on time!)