Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm LATE! I'm LATE for a very important date!

 Hey guys!!! Sorry, I know I'm a few days overdue. But I have a good reason: I had almost absolutely no time. Almost.
 For those of you who understood the reference made in the title of todays post, let this be foreshadowing of the story to be told.
 This year for Halloween, I was Alice Kingsley, from Alice in Wonderland. I was unable to post this past Sunday because I was in New York City! (And had no computer within my grasp) As you may have guessed, NY, not the best place to collect candy. Although, some was gathered: a mini hershey bar from Magnolia Bakery, A lollipop from Sephora (which will be later mentioned), and two pieces of candy from none other than Fiyero, from the cast of Wicked, who has also signed my Play Bill after seeing the magnificent production of this wonderful story on Broadway.  ARGHGHHGHGHGH!!!!!!! It was super-fun-omigod-amazing-fantastic! (I think I covered everything there)
 Anywho, let me get you up-to-date on the Sephora incident. Mi madre and I were walking around Times Square and decided to go inside. I wanted to look at make-up, so Sephora was the obvious choice. As we walked around, tried on nail polish, (my favorite was "Teal we meet again") A woman, someone who worked there, came up and asked me what I was. Yes. I was searing my costume ALL DAY.
 My mom and I told her I was Alice in Wonderland. She asked, " Is that the one with the fairy god mother?" We say no. Mom says, " You know, 'down the rabbit hole'?" She says, "Oh, wait! You mean the one with the big house?" We wait as she finally explains her reasoning. She had been talking about the seen when Alice eats the cake and grows inside of the house. We answered, "Yes! Her!" She tells us to hold still and that she wound be right back. We wait.
 She comes back a minute later with a bucket full of lollipops and says I can take one for explaining who I was to her. I chose one and then she left.
 Later, after looking around for a while, we start to leave, we see her again and she says to us as we reach to door, "Bye Alison!"
 We believe her to be a slightly confused person.
 See you guys next week! (And hopefully on time!)


  1. use this link to view the classic version of a certain rabbit's house

    On Halloween, as in Wonderland, it always pays to be careful what you eat. ;-)

    Hey, didn't someone actually ask for your picture to be taken with them, seeing as you were Alice and all? Maybe I got that wrong?

    Even though you didn't come back with a major haul of candy, I'd have to say your Manhattan Halloween still sounds like one of the best trick-or-treats ever. You had tons of fun, got to be be part of something kind of big ('Wicked'), and have memories that will be with you forever. Glad you had such a great time. :-)

    use this link to view a movie version of a certain rabbit's house

  2. Yes, someone (two someones, actually) had me take a picture with me. It was adorable.