Saturday, October 8, 2011


 Today, it is absolutely gorgeous out. I am taking a break from my procrastination to talk to you lovelies.

 Here is a tip: Don't do what I'm doing. I am sitting on the computer instead of getting ready for a day of fun. Get out there and enjoy your life. Enjoy this burst of weather before the cold hits. Be happy and live life.

 Yesterday I let my friends Sarah and Kasey dye my hair. It is like a new beginning for me. I am still unhappy, but I feel more able to enjoy my life. A little change can go away. "Do more of what makes you happy."

 Seriously guys, don't waste your life on things that will disappoint.

 I love you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Revisiting Old Subjects (beware, there will be angry venting in this post)

 So I changed the template again. I hope you like. It's much brighter than the old one.

 Also, I am aware that I have been incredibly UN-funny. I hope to change that.

 Not in this post, though. This post is used for venting. Because I am unhappy. With a backstabbing Bi*chy "friend".

 So she went out with a guy and then broke up with him. He asked me out and I really liked him, but I wanted to make sure it was okay with her first. i asked her about it about a gazillion times and she assured me it was fine. That I had nothing to worry about, she thought we would be cute and was way over him. Turns out, no. She wasn't. She told my best friend Kasey that she never stopped loving him and then while I was going out with him, he was FALLING ASLEEP ON HER LAP. (I love Caps Lock=) Anyway, when I found out from the backstabber, I immediately called him and dumped his sorry douche-baggy ass on the phone saying, "Hey babe, you know I love you, right?" He replies, "Yeah. I love you, too." "Well... I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore. We're over. Bye." And hung up. I received many a high-five and cheer from my good friends.

 Anyway, he just asked out the backstabber this year. She said she'll probably say no, but she's not sure. But the major point is that I'm still majorly unhappy about it because it happened just a few months ago. I told Kasey that I kinda want to sob every time I see him. Backstabber know this and so now every time I'm with her, she brings him up. It's like she wants to torture me.

 Anyway, I promise to try to start being funny soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Late Should Be My Middle Name, Shouldn't It?

 Okay, so I know I'm late again, but can you really blame me?! I mean, my life is obviously very busy! I have to sit on the couch, check out my favorite websites, think about doing homework, not to mention taking naps! See? Very busy.

 So how have all my little lovies been? Having fun? Wondering if I'm dead because I never post? Listening to music? Cool, cool.

 So I've been reading some new blogs that I absolutely adore, such as The Bloggess, and I've realized that a lot of the funny I read are stories of what have happened to people. I am going to try to do this more often. I apologize for anything I have said/posted that you have found less than funny. I will work of this.

 So yeah. That's about it. I just wanted you to know that I was still alive, and that I still care about you few wonderful readers.

 So thanks. And Buh-Bye!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Need A New Calendar

 Okay. So I'm a little late. But it's not as bad as last time! Gosh, I really need to start keeping up.

 So I am part of a summer theater program called the East Hartford Summer Youth Festival (EHSYF for short). This year, we are putting on a production of The Wiz.

 So last night was the first real rehearsal, and we did a read-through of the script. One of my friends, whom we all call Big Robert, got the part of the Lion. Those of you who have seen The Wiz/The Wizard of Oz, do you remember the scene when all the characters get sleepy in the poppy field outside of The Emerald City? Well, we got to that part in the script.
 Now, Big Robert is not the best at reading ahead, so, unfortunately, we can't exactly blame him for the way he said it.
 If any of you have ever looked through a script, you know there are the parenthesis in which is a description of what is going on while the talking is happening. This only made the scene worse.
l Big Robert gets to his line. The Scarecrow has just said, "I don't know. Looks like a bunch of flowers to me." Then the Lion says, "Yeah. I've suddenly got the urge to do some cross-pollinating."
 The parenthesis say, "The Poppies surround the Lion, radiating sex." There is a moment of dead silence. Then the room erupts into laughter. Honestly, the looks on the little kids faces were priceless as they slowly realized what the hell was going on.
 The next parenthesis down says, " The Poppies get closer to the Lion, grinding and bumping." As if the line itself weren't enough.

 So the moral here is.....

 Do theater. Nowhere else will you get these experiences. (=

 Buh-Bye Lovies!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


 Yeah, sooo... ummm... I realize that it has been a month or two since I have posted... But I can explain!

 Oh. You actually wanted an explanation? Crraaaap...

 Anywho, lots of drama in the school department! Flirting, dating, and.......

                                                                 (pause for dramatic affect)

 READING! Dun dun duhhhh!

 That's right, my class got our first reading assignment this year. And we were tested on it. And the majority of us failed miserably. The highest grade was a 92. The lowest was a 20. So far.

 And we still have the rest of the book to read....

 So Cas is back and only escaping once every two weeks or so. Madouc has been awfully happy as an indoor cat.  In fact, I think they both enjoy molesting us with obscene amounts of fur and head-nuzzling.

 (They are both shedding and spending as much time as possible sitting IN OUR FACES. It's rather annoying..... We can't really get mad, though, because they are also being incredibly lovey...)

 Oh, so my birthday is this Saturday, so I will most likely not be posting this weekend either, but I promise to post a lot in the next couple weeks to help make up for lost time...

 MemoryGnome, (Taylor) if you are reading this, I need your help. I still don't know how to link things without putting the entire link instead of just "here." HELP! I have some really good places to point my few readers to, and it can't look crappy.

 As some of you may know, yesterday was National Star Wars Day. (May the 4th be with you... hehehe... get it?)

 Once again, I apologize from jumping from one subject to another with absolutely nothing to like one paragraph to another, but as you should know by now, that's just how I roll.

 See you guys soon!

    Buh-Bye! <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obligatory St. Paddy's Day Post

 So today it is St. Patrick's Day. And let me tell you, school today was crazy. There were sad attempts at Irish jigs during Spanish classes, insane outfits, and some weird person going around saying "Bonach Ti Nefailah Pordic!" to everybody. (I think that's how you spell it.) And she was singing "I want it That Way...."

 Oh. Wait. That was me. And so was the other thing. Hmmm... 

 Sooooo...... How goes it, guys? Oh, that's cool. (or) Oh G-d, that sucks. I'm not sure which fits whatever you apparently responded to the question.

 So did anybody else check out CakeWrecks today??? That video at the end is absolutely hilarious!

 So those of you who know that I have two cats, or have met them, should know how much I love my kitties. Well, the other night, Sio went to get something from her car, and Cas got out. When I found out the next night (aka, last night) I started to sob. Every 20 minutes or so, I would go to the back door and call for him. And I guess he heard me, because when my mom got home, he was waiting there on the porch. But he was freaking out. Cas is our cat who loves everyone in the world. He could quite possibly kill someone with how much he loves them. Anyway, he was scared of my mom's boyfriend. That's how freaked he was.

 Now onto another subject, I get to go dress shopping with Sio on Saturday! That's going to be after I go to CAST to learn how to walk in my stilts for the school play (Alice in Wonderland, the dates are April 7, 8, and 9). But we are gonna go look at pretty dresses! Yay!

 Okay, I think that's all I have to report.

 Bonach Ti Nefailah Pordic!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


 Hey guys, as you may have noticed, I changed the template on "The Blog," as I have decided to call it.

 Tell me what you think of it!

 Should I change it back, or keep it?

 Alright, thanks guys!

 Buh-Bye Mah-Dears