Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Need A New Calendar

 Okay. So I'm a little late. But it's not as bad as last time! Gosh, I really need to start keeping up.

 So I am part of a summer theater program called the East Hartford Summer Youth Festival (EHSYF for short). This year, we are putting on a production of The Wiz.

 So last night was the first real rehearsal, and we did a read-through of the script. One of my friends, whom we all call Big Robert, got the part of the Lion. Those of you who have seen The Wiz/The Wizard of Oz, do you remember the scene when all the characters get sleepy in the poppy field outside of The Emerald City? Well, we got to that part in the script.
 Now, Big Robert is not the best at reading ahead, so, unfortunately, we can't exactly blame him for the way he said it.
 If any of you have ever looked through a script, you know there are the parenthesis in which is a description of what is going on while the talking is happening. This only made the scene worse.
l Big Robert gets to his line. The Scarecrow has just said, "I don't know. Looks like a bunch of flowers to me." Then the Lion says, "Yeah. I've suddenly got the urge to do some cross-pollinating."
 The parenthesis say, "The Poppies surround the Lion, radiating sex." There is a moment of dead silence. Then the room erupts into laughter. Honestly, the looks on the little kids faces were priceless as they slowly realized what the hell was going on.
 The next parenthesis down says, " The Poppies get closer to the Lion, grinding and bumping." As if the line itself weren't enough.

 So the moral here is.....

 Do theater. Nowhere else will you get these experiences. (=

 Buh-Bye Lovies!

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