Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Arrgghh! Once again, I apologize for being late... How was everyones New Years? 
Oh. That bad, huh?

 Anyway.... As most of you most likely know - and if you don't, you are obviously blind... and are unable to feel heat/cold - it has finally snowed! 
No. I do not mean all that pansy snow we had earlier on in the season.
I mean some real snow!
(Hence the "snOMG" title.)

I don't really have that much to report...
I stayed over at a very awesome friend's house for the Eve of New Years.

 The tree was taken down. :(
That was not a happy day... Although when we returned home - I was at a play rehearsal - the tree had rolled into the street.....

Ummm... Siobhan, my sister, got her hair cut. Although I have yet to see it.

Soooo... yeah. Not that much has happened...

But I do have to congratulate Cake Wrecks on their most disgusting post EVER!
(If you want to check it out and risk hurling, click on this link:

Beware. It is NOT a pretty sight.

Well... not an especially funny post this week, i know. But what can you expect?
I'm sure Sarah or Taylor will share a story with you guys about NYE...
(Please guys! I'm dying out here!)

Hope you had a great New Years!
I would love to hear all the soon-to-be-failed resolutions!
(Sorry, does that sound too pessimistic?)

Hopefully see you next week!

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