Saturday, February 19, 2011


 I don't know why I did that for the title. I saw that the first letter was capitalized, as it should be, but then Brain was all like, "You should capitalize the last letter, too, 'cause I think it would look cooool!" But no, Brain. It does not look "cooool." In fact, it looks pretty stupid. In fact, in fact, I should probably change it to a normal title.
 But I won't because I am bored.
 And lazy.

 So what's up with you random people who are also bored which is probably the only reason you are on this blog?

 Really? That's cool. Or not. I'm not really sure since it is impossible for me to know until someone comments about "what's up," with them.

 I'm sick.
 I don't enjoy this. It's stupid. And Boring. And painful.

 And stupid.

 I'm sorry. The most likely scenario is that you came here to this blog because you were bored. And now you are probably leaving because you are now more bored. And this has probably been a waste of your time.

 But too bad. I'm going to keep going until I am more bored. And guess what. I'm posting because I am bored. So after this, I have chores, which will only lead to more boredom.

 So, yeah. That's my life at the moment. Anyone wanna trade???

 FINE! Be that way.

 Okay, I am officially bored again and probably wasting even MORE of your time now....

 Buh-Bye my dears!

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