Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping Time, Not My Forte

 So once again, I am late. I am VERY SORRY!!!! I miss you guys, ya know that? But then I forget to talk to you. (When I say, "You Guys," I use the term loosely. I am pretty sure this is just me talking to myself...)
 Anywho, how would you people be doing? I am well. Thanks for asking, Brain, I mean, you guys!
 Argh. Nothing too eventful, lately. I will, I think, be meeting with some of my buddies: thescottishpoodle (Sarah), and Taylor Hayes (Taylor).
 Either way, so far, not much has happened.
 Well, actually, I did get a Christmas tree! I did ALL of the decorating, but I don't really mind it, soooooo.... But it's all nice and pretty in my living room now! As Sarah has seen. And so have her dogs*.
 Well, I suppose I will be going now, seeing as how I have nothing going on in my so-called "life."


 *thescottishpoodle, aka, Sarah, and her dog Bailey have a blog as well. Look them up. I don't really remember the URL, so hopefully she will post it in the comments, or you could just try looking up thescottishpoodle, but I'm not super sure about that. Sarah?

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  1. You're awesome man I love you!! And it's . Thanks. Again I love you and I love how you put Taylor's "adult movie" name. HAHA!